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We at Humberston's Cruise and travel are well trained cruise professionals.

Our job is to not only to offer great cruise pricing and value but to help you choose the cruise line and ship best for you.

Through our association with Westa Consortium we have combined ourselves with more than 160 travel agencies for buying power with the cruise lines.


We can offer special pricing as well as added amenities on certain sail dates.

Oceania Cruise Lines - 10 Day Caribbean Cruise


  • 11/14/17
  • Roundtrip from Miami
  • O' Life Promotional items offered and included
  • Bonus Savings - Free Airfare ( select gateways )
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Choose one of the items below as well.
  • 6 Shore excursions - Free Beverage Package
  • Up to $ 600.00 onboard spending credit


  • And...on this date Humberstons Travel can add pre-paid gratuities
  • An approximate value of $ 270.00


  • 10 Day Voyage visits........
  •  Havana Cuba ( overnight )...Cienfuegos Cuba...Santiago Cuba
  •  Port Antonio Jamaica...Nassau Bahamas


    O'Life fares from 2999.00 ppdo